Afternoon Tea

This is about intermingling & socializing. While you’re busy chatting, we will be busy entertaining you with our irresistible canapés, which reflect our passion f

Plated Service

This one is a more conservative option, where the food is plated & served individually. We try to give you as much info about our food as possible by putting main in

Breakfast / Brunch

At the early hours of the day we tend to crave something rustic, something primordial & elemental. A slice of fresh bread with a hot egg omelette, a blintz with some

Main on Platters

It’s nice to share. Didn’t your parents tell you this when you were growing up? Whether you prefer a platter of dips with condiments or more formal individually

Shabbat Kiddush / Bracha

Normally it is a standing, casual affair. It is for this reason we offer a variety of easy to handle exquisite Finger Foods. No fork & knife needed. Just pop in your